Your Preferences:
Most people have ideas that they would like incorporated into their website.  Let us know about them right at the start.  We appreciate hearing your color preferences, things you like about other sites, and things you don't like.  By telling us right at the beginning you help us get headed in the right direction.   You can give us addresses of other sites to look at ideas you like, show us ads in magazines, send us paint chips of the colors you like and show us examples of your current advertising.  From this we can gather the information needed to design your site.
The better the quality of the photograph we receive the better the quality of the image on the web.  A good quality, regular photograph scans the best.  Laser copies make for poor pictures.  We cannot use photographer's proofs. 

We normally sharpen and optimize your photos for the web including cropping.  Digital repairs and airbrushing including changing backgrounds, special effects, photo combining are available at extra charge.

We will mail your photos back to you by regular mail unless you request otherwise.  There is a risk of losing them in the mail so do not mail images you cannot replace. 

Please send the largest, clean copy of your logo that you have available for scanning.  If you would like us to design a new logo for you, and have specific ideas of what you would like,  please send sketches of what you would like or examples of similar ideas. 
The most effective way to send text is in Plain Text Format (notepad works well) by email or on disk.  Text sent by fax or mail has to be retyped.
How We Like To Work:
We like to gather your ideas, likes, dislikes, colors, photos, logos, text, etc. and put up our work in progress on a "private" site where you can give us feedback on what ideas you like and don't like.  When your site is complete it is placed on the server for all the world to visit.

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