We can now set up your website pages so you can update them yourself from your browser. No new programs to buy or learn!

The owners of the sites we have used this technology on are showing us that they can update their salebarns, online catalogues, auction listings, etc. easily and quickly from home or office by simply filling in the on their site. You will be provided with a login and password to prevent unauthorized changes to your site.

The cost is very reasonable and the pages are completely customizable depending on exactly what information you would like to see displayed. They work extremely well for pages that you would like to update regularly such as Salebarns or Online Catalogues or Product Listings. Major website revamps and other changes that only happen occasionally can still be done by our professional designers.

For example: Once you have your website set up with you can add, change, and delete the information for any of your product listings including the photos, right from your own computer (or any other computer with a reasonably current browser and connected to the internet). Think how rewarding this will be when you wake up in the middle of the night with just the right writeup for the product you've been dying to sell - you can have it all fixed up before your potential clients even get out of bed.

Would you like to check it out first? We have a simple, public site enabled with at

Go ahead, fill in some horses, edit them, put up a photo. Feel free to leave your examples there - that's what it's for!

  • No Programs to Buy
  • No Programs to Learn
  • You can make changes easily from your computer.
  • Changes appear on your site immediately.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Completely customizable
  • Formatted to match your site
  • You are provided with a login and password for security
  • Works well for any pages you would like to be able to update yourself

If you have any questions about or would like to start updating your own site using this technology, give us a call at 403-728-3661 or email

Macromedia Flash Content Creation

Did you know:

  • Flash technology enables a "true" multimedia website experience with the power of animation, sound and vector graphics?
  • Vector graphics load in a fraction of the time of a conventional graphic? And that Flash uses vector technology almost exclusively in graphic presentation?
  • Over 98% of all Internet capable computers already have the ability to view Macromedia Flash Content? This translates to phenomenal compatibility!

Ask about Macromedia Flash today! Give us a call at 403-728-3661 or email

Website Design
. You can have a professionally designed, unique website for less than the cost of a one page, full color ad in a breed journal.  Your website will be available to prospective clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  A good website can be one of your best marketing tools, a  poorly designed site can portray a second rate image of your business.  

We specialize in agricultural sites but enjoy designing for the business community also.  We offer some examples on our Portfolio page.  Would you like like some idea of what we would require and how to get it to us?  Check out our TIPS page.

Rates:  Depends on the size and complexity.  Most of the sites (see our Portfolio page) cost between $250* and $600*.   You can start with something small and simple and add to the size and complexity later.  If you would like to discuss your needs with no obligation or have any questions about getting a site for your business, just give us a call (403)728-3661 or email  

Site Hosting
For your website to be available to the world, it must be placed on a server on the web.  We can host your site (with no annoying pop-up or banner ads) whether you prefer your own domain name (eg.  or would like a subdomain from one of our sites (eg.  More information on domain acquisition below.

Included with your hosting is a link on one of our sites (eg  We also offer links on our sites to sites hosted elsewhere.  

Rates:  $150.00* per year 

Site Maintainance
As important as having great design is keeping your site up to date.  Almost any text and graphics on a site can be changed, new information and images can and should be added, backgrounds can be changed.  We offer suggestions for sending us the information for your updates on our Tips Page.   We advise that you keep the information on your site fresh and current.

Rates:  $40.00 per hour

Domain Name Acquisition

Want your own domain name? They’re going fast. Or, perhaps a personalized subdomain name is all you need?  We can help you with either.  Give us a call or email to assure that the name you want is still available. 

The puchase and setup of your own domain on a server costs only $125.00 for two years! 

Online Sale Catalogues
Our Online Catalogues give your sale its own site on the web, hosted on  We offer a variety of layouts to suit your needs and your budget.  You can list your horses as they are consigned.  You can include pedigrees, photos, write-ups, what ever information you would like.  Instead of waiting for catalogues to be printed and mailed you can direct folks to your sale's website.  

And... of course, your sale will be right there on taking advantage of the 30,000 + per month unique visitors we have been enjoying.

Rates:  From $2.00 - $9.00 per horse.  Call or email to discuss.

Graphic Design, Photo Repair & Enhancement
Need a logo? Have a photo that needs something removed? Or added? How about an animation?  Like those lake pictures?  Want some nice mouse-over effects on your site?  3D? Does your horse's picture need a nicer background?  Just call or email for a quote on your photo or graphic design needs.
Advertising on Canada's most popular equine website. Here is what has to offer.
  • Stallion Ads - for only $99.00* you can have a full page site for a full year for your stallion including photo, pedigree, write-up and your contact information.  We have recently purchased the domain name which we will be promoting to provide our stallion site owners with even better coverage. 
  • Classified Ads for those who simply have a horse or tack or something else they are looking to market.  Only  $20.00* without a photo, an additional $10.00* for a photo.  Classified ads run for up to 3 months.
  • Horseman's help - a free service
  • Show Listings - a free service
  • Links - exchange a link on our links page for a reciprocal link on your page
  • Events Listings - a free service
  • Horse Sales - free listings
  • Check out what some of our clients have to say about their results with 
*add GST to all prices. All prices in Canadian dollars.

*Please Note: Dreamweaver Web Design is in no way affiliated with Macromedia or the Macromedia Dreamweaver line of web development tools.

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